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We are the one-stop shop for all your pharmaceutical and wellness needs.

Earthy Apothecary is your local integrated Pharmacy with a twist. At Earthy Apothecary, we take an integrated approach to healthcare. We help our patients achieve their health goals by integrating specialized services such as De-prescribing, Preventative Medicine, Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion assessment and medication management.

What We Do

A modern approach

Health And Well being
It’s essential for us that our clients get personalized suggestions, up-to-date medication reconciliation as well as coaching from our pharmacists. Rather than do things the typical way, we’ve created a system designed around our patients’ needs.

Why Choose Us

Knowledge & Experience to Support You

Meet Birwa, a pharmacist and the owner of Earthy Apothecary. On top of traditional pharmacy education, Birwa is also trained in functional medicine, nutrition and cosmetic dermatology compounding. She is a de-prescribing advocate and believes in prevention over prescription.
In a decade of her career in pharmacy, she has worked for many chain and independent pharmacies and realized that something needs to change with the way we do healthcare. Early in her career, she recognised that today’s healthcare is not healthcare; it’s “sickcare” and all we are doing is masking the symptoms with medications rather than actually finding the root-cause of the medical condition.
Birwa is on a mission to end the epidemic of metabolic disorders and keep herself updated with newer technology and evidence-based medicine. With a vision of making a real difference and doing things the right way, she founded Earthy Apothecary.

Connecting you with us

What are you looking for?

We can help you with your routine prescriptions, compounded medications, over-the-counter medications, supplement recommendations, minor condition assessments and more.

Personalized suggestions.

We’ll work together with you to make personalized treatment and follow-up plans. We offer specialized services to meet your individual needs.

Get your prescriptions transferred.

Please fill out an online form and send us your current pharmacy information or just call us and we will take care of the rest.

Book a free introductory call with our integrated pharmacist, Birwa Desai, to learn more about our services and see if

We are a good fit for you and your family.

In Person
Our pharmacy is located in a quiet Mississauga neighborhood.
Remote options
Our goal is to make our clients as comfortable as possible. Hence, we provide our services virtually as well.

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