We believe in making a real difference and changing how our clients take their medications. This service is for you if you have a chronic condition(s), take regular medication(s), and wish to gradually and safely¬†reduce the use of your pharmaceuticals. What to expect: – You will be required to bring a list of your current prescription, OTC and natural health medications, recent lab works, blood pressure/glucose home readings, etc. Please don’t worry if you don’t have that info on you now; it is straightforward to get it from your doctor’s office and pharmacy by giving them a phone call. – We will discuss your health goals and complete medical history – such as length of medication usage, lifestyle and food habits, previous medical events or surgeries, etc. – We will work together to make a nutritionally oriented plan that is relatively easy to follow at home. We will work with your doctor to discuss any changes needed in your current therapy because of this program. – This is an ongoing program, so you can set up quarterly follow-up appointments to track your progress and ensure that you are well. – Even though the follow-up appointments are quarterly, we are only a phone call or an email away from answering your questions.

Fees: $350 (1.5 hr. Initial appointment)

Fees: $75 (0.5 hr. Follow-up appointment)


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